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HALO/3 Session Mist was developed in 2019 to focus on the health and well being of Stylists, Makeup Artists & Beauty Technicians by targeting bacteria from the likes of cold's and flu's. Designed to be uplifting, hydrating & antibacterial in a light weight format that does not interfere with the service being performed or makeup & styling products.

Stylists, Makeup Artists & Beauty Technicians
HALO/3 is a refreshing & hydrating way to assist in the management of bacteria build up on the hair, face & body. Our original formula helps to reduce bacteria & create a natural barrier for a healthier working environment. HALO/3 Session Mist is a must have for any session kit!

Salon Owners
HALO/3 Session Mist not only helps to protect your staff and customers from viral bacteria's but also promotes confidence that you are creating and maintaining a responsible & healthier work space.

Styling Tools
HALO/3 Session Mist contains ingredients that help to both sanitise and delicately lubricate hair tools. The natural oils including Hemp & Grape Seed, will add a micro thin layer that will not interfere with the performance of scissors or clippers and will assist in the lubrication of working parts. Suitable for use on all styling tools including scissors, clippers, hair & makeup brushes, combs & hot tools (when cooled).

What's it like?
HALO/3 Session Mist has an all natural fragrance profile with a zesty citrus hit upfront (lemon myrtle/grapefruit/ginger) and calming undertones on the finish (eucalyptus/cinnamon/lavender/clove). The aroma is designed to dissipate over 5-10mins so it won't interfere with other fragrances.

On the Skin & Hair

Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Witch Hazel, White Tea Extract & Aloe Vera juice combine to calm, tone and hydrate the skin and scalp. HALO/3 Session Mist is a non-greasy and nourishing experience that wont interfere with makeup or hair style.


Each burst creates a weightless mist that forms a micro layer without wet patches and dries in under a minute. Use 3 bursts around the head & face on yourself and your client before and after the service performed. Whilst not known to cause irritation to the eye's or sensitive bit's we do of course recommend caution around these areas.


Each pump of HALO/3 Session Mist outputs around 0.11 – 0.15ml. Which means that each 100ml bottle delivers around 700 bursts.

Key Antibacterial Ingredients
Witch Hazel, Echinacea, Calendula, Grapefruit Seed, Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender.

Australian Made

'Australian Made & Owned' certified: Licensee ID number: 11120